Build a strategy that enables you to deliver the mission and service you want to provide your constituents and streamline how your organization operates and interacts with other agencies and stakeholders. Achieve consistency and standardization across citizen and employee processes in the digital age.

BusinessOptix has experience helping local and central government re-engineer their citizen and employee facing processes to meet the government’s digital agenda. We provide a single platform to align your operating model and mission, empowering you to better utilize the people, process and technologies in your ecosystem; driving greater automation, more productivity out of staff and greater efficiencies and compliance.


Business change and transformation, delivered

A transportation company moved from being a protected government agency to operating as an open-market service provider. With its outdated business practices, it could not compete in this new competitive marketplace and was losing bids. These lost bids led to a realization that the organization needed to be overhauled and modernized.

BusinessOptix was used to deliver an ongoing transformation and modernization program covering multiple business operations. Outputs included creating a target operating model, t-maps, process re-engineering, systems design and creating training material. As the project spanned 900 people working across 100s of projects a central repository was created in BusinessOptix to enable teams to share and collaborate.

As a result, the modernization has led to a new track record of winning contract extensions. It has also grown its confidence to bid for tenders, deliver operational improvements and simplify the distribution of internal processes.

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