Webcast of annual Digital Workplace Virtual Summit: How to make digital transformation a reality within HR

BusinessOptix was recently featured in a presentation hosted by our partner, Stratas, at the annual Digital Workplace UK Virtual Summit. The presentation, titled “How to Bring Innovation, Automation, and Digital Transformation to your HR processes”, explored the challenges HR teams are currently facing, and how innovative technology such as BusinessOptix can be used to help control, transform and automate critical business processes within the human resources department.

Now, more than ever, remote working capabilities and reducing operational costs are key drivers for change to any business, particularly within the human resources department.

HR inefficiencies can take valuable time and resources away from strategic initiatives; therefore, it is essential for businesses to streamline and automate HR processes wherever possible.

During the webcast, Ashley Hamer, Chief Innovation Officer at Stratas, provided a walkthrough of the BusinessOptix platform, to demonstrate how it can be used to facilitate process improvement within the HR department.

In the webcast, the Stratas team discuss:

  • How to solve common challenges within the HR department today, to make it more resilient tomorrow.
  • How BusinessOptix is intelligently used to map out HR processes and enable business process improvement.
  • The key functionality of the M-Files HR vault, which has accelerated HR efficiency for many businesses.

The webcast is now available to watch on demand here.

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About Stratas

Stratas are a technology company specializing in Digital Transformation.
Since 2010, the team have been helping to create digital enterprises through innovative solutions which focus on information, not documents.
They believe that by working together, they can do things better, so, they take the time to understand each business’s culture and goals, to design unique solutions that deliver tangible results.
Their aim is to evolve business processes through automation, no matter where you are on your digital journey. They do this using their people, process, and technology platform, Data Forge, which is used to augment existing business infrastructure and free up key resources, making businesses more focused and competitive.

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