Creating Your Digital Twin

Take your organization to the next generation operating model using a digital twin to accelerate time to revenue, reduce costs and deliver a better, more engaging customer and work experience.

The BusinessOptix process transformation platform allows you to create a virtual copy of your organisation; mapping all the workflows and processes involved. This provides a risk-free environment for digital transformation and process change management projects. Having utilized process mining and mapping tools to create your virtual organisations, you can define a target operating model and simulate any number of process change scenarios to determine the best road map for change.

Take your organization to the next generation operating model using digitization.

See your Digital Twin

We enable you to create a digital version of your processes to create and test options to improve performance or eliminate issues. From tweaking the number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs) to removing steps or re-engineering whole processes, our scenario modeling and simulation tools enable you to quickly model, test and identify impactful changes.

Specifically, our platform will:

  • Identify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses including capacity limitations, bottlenecks, critical points of failure and interdependencies
  • Highlight opportunities for improvement
  • Simulate alternative options for improvement
  • Provide data and insights to support decision making
  • Measure the impact of potential changes prior to them being implemented to your live environment

Improve yourself

With a digital twin, we enable you to quickly identify and implement opportunities to improve your processes.

Transportation Business Process Transformation

Discover our approach for creating a digital twin, from goal setting to selecting focal business models or processes.

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