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Recent disruptions have increased pressure on pharmaceutical, biotech and medical product companies to accelerate change at local and global levels. This challenge presents an opportunity for organizations to:

  • Optimize R&D and product development processes to increase the window of opportunity to maximize patents.
  • Restructure and simplify complex manufacturing and distribution supply-chains to drive cost and delivery efficiencies.
  • Create resilient operations that can adapt to changing customer demands, business models, competition and regulations.
  • Integrate and maximize new technologies (including automation, AI, ML, RPA) to help streamline operations.
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Clear visibility and understanding of what is happening today alongside the capabilities to create your future organization will help move your organization forward.

BusinessOptix will take you on an end-to-end journey that helps you:

  1. understand how your people, process and technology are being leveraged today
  2. proactively identify areas to improve
  3. design, simulate, test and deliver adaptable operating models and agile processes

Using process mining to extract an accurate view of processes, crowd sourcing to harness employee process knowledge and or manual process mapping, the BusinessOptix Platform will help you understand the end-to-end flow of activities across functions and/or the whole organization.

From drug development to clinical trials and approval, through to global distribution and supply chain management, BusinessOptix will visualize exactly what your people do, the flow of your processes and utilization of your systems – it will help you identify problem areas and risks while helping to implement good practices.

With a view of today’s operations or even if starting from scratch, BusinessOptix will help you define, test, implement and optimize simplified and resilient operating models and processes.

For example, you can:

  • Create and adapt operating model(s) in line with new and / or multiple business models.
  • Use a digital twin of your supply chain to visualize current performance and identify opportunities to use process optimization, automation (incl. RPA), machine learning and or decision engines to improve planning accuracy and inventory management and increase manufacturing efficiency and service quality.
  • Digitize the new product development processes to eliminate manual tasks and give your scientists have more time to focus on valuable research.
  • Identify the best approach to clinic trials by creating, simulating and comparing alternative process flows that speed up the process whilst maintaining safety and compliance.
  • Maintain high levels of quality assurance, compliance and governance by embedding regulatory procedures into all operational processes.
  • Eliminate, optimize or redesign sales, HR, procurement and other internal processes through modelling and analyzing their performance.
  • Collaboratively create and share standardized process models, work instructions and ways of working with teams, front line employees and partners anywhere in the world.

Proven Results

Proving the value of the BusinessOptix approach, a US-based pharmaceutical company used the platform to design and implement their new world-class operating model and processes. By using the BusinessOptix platform to capture and create models, they were able to combine the best of their existing operations with new transformative thinking – all in a single workspace where multiple teams could see, share and collaborate.

To read more about how this fast growing Pharmaceutical company uses BusinessOptix to build world class process capability, please click here. 

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