Process Discovery

Identifying Opportunity From Adversity

Process discovery is a core component of organizational agility. Serious events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic fallout coming from it, are creating a clear view of how organizations are under-prepared to adapt their operating models and processes quickly enough to not only thrive but in some cases merely survive disruptors such as these.

However, these unprecedented disruptors are providing us with a semblance of a roadmap that the organizations who can understand their processes, use data to accelerate decision making, leverage the knowledge of their workforce and, from that, build the right disciplines and procedures to adjust quickly to change, will be the winners moving forward.

Meet The Challenge With Process Discovery

BusinessOptix process discovery capabilities enable organizations to accelerate the knowledge around and applications of how people, process and technology are working and performing, no matter where your resources sit. At the heart of the results is a new normal for your organization where there is greater transparency, collaboration and measurement of performance than ever before.

How Does BusinessOptix Help With Process Discovery?

BusinessOptix provides three approaches that are designed to provide a best fit solution to rapidly discovering processes. These can be employed stand alone or in conjunction to get the best current state view of processes to ultimately drive identification of improvement areas, the transformation path to and a clear visualization of the future state and continuous monitoring and optimization capabilities.
process mining sc

Data Driven: Process Mining

 Leverage a data-driven, fact-based approach to process improvement, leveraging your system data and empirical evidence to uncover how processes work in the real world. Process mining unlocks transformation opportunities from the outset identifying bottlenecks, variances, and friction points from your system data.

crowd driven survey

Crowd Driven: Accelerated Capture

Quickly garner the intelligence of your processes from your workforce through easy-to-use surveys that dynamically build your current state view of processes from anywhere.  The survey forms provide a simple step by step walk through to capture how your associates work, unlocking the ability to quickly address improvement opportunities.

model driven

Model Driven: Process Mapping

Create robust process models from scratch, or import previous artifacts (see below) you may have to jump start your models. The power of process mapping in BusinessOptix is it takes you well beyond mapping allowing you to capture powerful metrics, utilize stakeholder collaboration and align your organization and technologies so you know exactly what is happening in your processes.


Importing: Previous Process Mapping and Mining tools 

Import processes easily to BusinessOptix from process mapping tools like Visio, IBM, Signavio, Lucid Charts, Aris... Use files from process mining vendors like Celonis, UiPath or CSV, Word BPMN, Risks and Controls, API's and more.

Convert process and procedure so you can remove legacy systems. If you have many SOP’s that are in PDF or Word format, move them to BusinessOptix and directly connect them to the overall processes.

Start your journey to a clearer picture of the opportunities that lie ahead 

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