Process Mining

Harness the lifeblood of your business using process mining to gain a detailed understanding of where your people, processes and technology are being utilized. This view allows you to quickly identify variations and bottlenecks across areas of your business.

Using BusinessOptix process mining capabilities as part of process discovery provides a data-driven, fact-based approach to process improvement, leveraging empirical evidence to uncover how processes work in the real world.





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Process Mining

How does process mining work? You simply provide log files of the systems that support the processes you are looking to improve. You then get the information you need to prioritize where improvements need to be made. The true power of BusinessOptix is our mining solution easily integrates with the rest of the platform that enables you to continue through the entire journey of transformation.

BusinessOptix provides you with the information needed to discover and define your processes, identify opportunities for improvement and model future process flows. The data produced by BusinessOptix supports better decision making and provides confidence that future process improvements are based on empirical evidence.

Improve visibility and understanding of the actual performance of business operations and processes, by investing in process mining. 

To find out more about BusinessOptix Process Mining and how it can help your organization

What Is Process Mining?


On your journey to improve business processes, you need to understand where you are today. This can be achieved manually using workshops and observations to model your processes – or you can use process mining to create an accurate and objective picture.

Taking the manual approach can lead to personal views of how people ‘think’ processes run, while the process mining approach will lead to a fuller and more accurate representation of the end-to-end process. This more disciplined approach also allows you to include the naturally occurring variances and nuances within complex processes.

As Professor Pedro Robledo says, process mining allows “a party to extract information from event and transaction logs to discover models that describe processes … so it reduces the time necessary to model a process that is then optimized and automated in BPM”.

In short, process mining uses the operational data (date, time, user, activity, object, etc.) stored in your system event logs to uncover what actually happens. This detailed insight provides an accurate view of process flows and performance that support improvements and new process development. Read our Process Mining datasheet to learn more.

How does BusinessOptix process mining work?

Using data and insights generated from your event logs allows you to identify constraints, prioritize improvement opportunities and pre-empt compliance and regulatory issues.

With a detailed visualization of your actual processes you can see the paths and flows along with:

  • frequency
  • wait time
  • bottlenecks
  • exceptions/deviations
  • statistics
  • variances
  • costs
  • compliance issues
  • inconsistencies




Process Mining has the ability to highlight things you may never have known or thought about.

From here you can investigate and identify problem areas such as staff training issues, system capacity, resource constraints, quality issues, poor process design, under staffing, staff rule breaking, missed compliance, inconsistencies, and so on.

With a clear view of the problem areas to focus on, you can use scenario modeling and simulations to create and bring to life alternative flows and resource utilization models that address the identified problems.

Used continuously, process mining is able to repeat this cycle so the organization is constantly improving its processes in line with transformation and operational efficiency initiative goals.

How does process mining help you improve operational performance?


As a process owner, engineer or analyst; transformation lead or consultant, or compliance or audit officer responsible for process analysis and improvement, process mining is a game changer. It provides a set of powerful tools that enable non-technical people to:

  • Create fact-based business cases (including the problem and potential solutions) to drive change,
  • Deliver continuous process improvements, optimizations and compliance, and
  • Create and monitor process performance metrics (incl. KPIs and SLAs)

Wherever process data exists, the ability to effectively mine and analyze the data supports process improvement in wide variety of use cases. For instance: 

Financial Operations

Identify and eliminate delays in payment processes to reduce debtor days and improve working capital

Customer Service

Identify and eliminate or automate process steps to make solving customer problems faster for the customer (and contact center agents)

Customer Experience

Identify and eliminate friction in customer journeys to improve satisfaction, retention and product usage


Identify and eliminate inconsistent processes to ensure fully auditable compliance with regulations


Identify and eliminate delays in onboarding to improve the new employee experience


 Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in manufacturing processes to improve resource utilization


Identify and eliminate poorly designed supply chain flows to improve distribution and stock replenishment from the warehouse to the shop floor or delivery


Identify and eliminate non-standard process so everyone is working in the most efficient and effective way

How Can BusinessOptix Help You Mine Your Processes?


BusinessOptix Process Transformation suite includes capabilities to help you mine and improve your processes. Key capabilities will help you to:

  • Mine event logs to quickly discover a data driven view of current state process flows
  • Identify improvement opportunities that will deliver the most value
  • Leverage scenario modeling and simulation to test different paths for change
  • Select and implement preferred options and roll these out
  • Continuously mine processes to ensure they are delivering the intended results, whilst identifying new areas for improvement and transformation

In mining and creating your future processes BusinessOptix will have captured a base of knowledge that can be used to create a more well-rounded view of your operations. All of this knowledge can be used to support your overall business through creating documentation, proving compliance and providing insights to support better decision making.

From corporate functions to operations and customer journey design, BusinessOptix can help you quickly identify and understand your business processes; creating a solid foundation for process improvement.

“BusinessOptix is one of my favourite tools for Process Modeling, but it offers so much more than just that – it gives us, as consultants, a wide array of tools to bring value to our customers, including process mining, transformation scenarios, Kanban boards, work instructions, documentation, and many more.”

Beata Rosinska

Senior Transformation Consultant at Capgemini