Retail and Leisure

Deliver an exceptional, friction less customer experience by connecting customer facing processes to your operational processes to win loyalty, gain operational efficiencies and meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

BusinessOptix has experience helping retail and leisure organizations effectively discover, document and redesign processes, but additionally provide documentation and guided training work instructions to ensure your people adhere to the new processes and policies.  With guided work instructions and audit capabilities, you can see how your department or organization is maintaining risk and compliance goals.

Transformation is not a destination but a journey. Use our process mining solution to re-mine processes to ensure you are meeting the metrics and goals you set out for.

Driving revenue & efficiencies through enterprise process improvement

A large gaming hotel and casino organization set out to do two simple things most firms set out to achieve – grow revenue and reduce waste and costs. The unique approach they took from the start was to map the entire guest journey and every possible touchpoint, then map and align the operational processes to that journey.

Using BusinessOptix they were able to leverage one suite to easily show the connection between and gather metrics on cost, activity times, and customer satisfaction to prioritize their improvement opportunities.

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