Spring Venture Group selects BusinessOptix to support continued Digital Transformation

Kansas City based firm partners to support Spring Venture Group’s focus on process improvement and governance backbone to drive further digital innovation and support the scale of growth.

Kansas City, MO and Guildford, Surrey — Nov. 5, 2019 – Spring Venture Group (SVG) today announced the selection of BusinessOptix, a cloud-based Business Transformation Suite, to help support their process discovery, transformation and continuous process improvement initiatives.

With BusinessOptix, SVG can do more than just document processes, they are now empowered to treat processes as living, breathing assets to continuously monitor and improve which is critical to their growth trajectory.

SVG is a leader in data-based insurance comparison shopping. They help clients intelligently navigate their insurance options in the senior healthcare space to not only get the best rates, but the best plan to fit their individual needs.

“We are focused on offering solutions to one of the most complex consumer issues: determining which Medicare options are right for you,” said Mark Hunter, Spring Venture Group’s President of Agencies. “Our innovations established the industry standard for how adults 65+ shop for health insurance. This led to our unprecedented growth, and also drives the need to ensure our processes continue to provide the exceptional customer service our clients expect. BusinessOptix is instrumental in supporting our goals in this area.”

For BusinessOptix, SVG is exactly the type of organization they built the Business Transformation Suite to support.

“We are focused on supporting clients’ needs no matter their maturity from manual processes to more progressed digital first organizations like SVG,” said Peter McInally, CEO of BusinessOptix. “What is very exciting about SVG is they are looking to create a basis of continued digital growth so in essence creating a Digital Twin from an already impressive digital base. To add, they understand they need the right talent with the right tool to make it come to life and we are excited to be the tool to help drive the outcomes they are aiming for.”


For a demonstration of the BusinessOptix capabilities, please email helpme@businessoptix.com


About Spring Venture Group

Spring Venture Group is a leading digital direct-to-consumer sales and marketing company with product offerings focused on the senior market. Founded in 2009, the Company specializes in distributing Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans, and related products via its digital properties and dedicated team of insurance advisors. Spring’s sophisticated data-driven platforms engage customers on their terms with product offerings tailored to each customer’s individual needs. Spring’s industry expertise and innovative use of technologies has established the organization as a valued partner with its carrier partners to serve the senior market. The Company employs over 900 professionals and is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Learn more about Spring Venture Group by visiting their careers page and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


About BusinessOptix

At BusinessOptix, we help organizations Control Today, Navigate Tomorrow™ to achieve the next level of customer and operational excellence. Our cloud-based platform is used by hundreds of global firms to capture and redefine business operating models, accelerate transformations across the enterprise, improve operational efficiencies and streamline go-to-market processes. Built for business ease of use, the platform enables organizations to define the current state, design the optimal future state and deliver an actionable plan to achieve and maintain transformations leading to a more efficient, effective digital future to better serve customers and achieve business results.

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