Target Operating Model Design

Create a target operating model that the entire organization can use as the north star for how they should execute.

With BusinessOptix, you can define, visualize and optimize a broad range of operating processes, strategies, and workflows to your operating model, ensuring they are all aligned to the needs of your business. As the business climate changes, you can manage transformations to the operating model, the same as processes, to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition.

TOMD screen

Visualize & Optimize Your Operating Model

With this visualization you can then start working on the process layers – in doing so, creating an end-to-end view that links each function and illustrates the flow of processes across the organization.

Defining the target operating model before getting into the detail of process redesign allows organizations to understand the big picture and see how changes will fit together. The outcome – they are able to prioritize their efforts and move as one on their transformation journey.

At a functional level, our platform enables you to:

  • Model the ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ operating model
  • Map people, processes and systems, at functional and organization wide levels, into your operating model, so you can see how they are used today and plan for their future use
  • Prioritize and plan your change and transformation initiatives
  • Clearly document and communicate changes to all stakeholders

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