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Using BusinessOptix, you can complete the documentation of current state processes and procedures along with valuable metadata. This allows you to assess business processes as well as understand cost structures and associated metrics supporting future business cases. 

Understanding current and future-state processes

Our client is a residential monitored, high-tech enabled security solutions provider. They realized they were limited in the documentation of the current state “as is” processes supporting their logistics and fulfillment process.  They also lacked a view of their existing business operating model(s) and processes, process documentation, and limited work instructions. 

Our client is reviewing their distribution platform and facilities and will go to the market to assess new options, including assessing new providers. With this challenge in hand, they needed to understand the current state of documented processes supporting the logistics and fulfillment process to maintain service agreements and continue providing products and solutions to customers when they switch production to a new third-party provider. This includes documenting all work instructions and operating procedures to replicate with the new provider where applicable. Additionally, they wanted insight into understanding the impact these changes will have on all areas of the business to manage successfully.   


BusinessOptix delivered the following: 

  • Facilitating design sessions/workshops to document requirements and process flows for current state and future state design 

  • Document requirements and process flows using BusinessOptix, getting to the appropriate level of business processes

  • Document work instructions and operating procedures for future state transformation 

  • Document design requirements needed for 3PL integration 

  • Provide transparency and collaboration to document process models among all stakeholders 

  • Leverage current project management tools and frameworks within BusinessOptix for efficiencies 

Using BusinessOptix, our client is completing the documentation of current state processes and procedures along with valuable metadata to assess new distribution center options. BusinessOptix capabilities will allow them to understand cost structures and associated metrics supporting future business cases.  

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