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Mine the Gap: Find intelligent automation opportunities faster with BusinessOptix


If you’re one of the 70% of organizations that are currently looking at significant cost reduction programs, automation is no doubt high on the corporate agenda. Reducing cost whilst improving process performance understandably has a strong allure.  

Delivering on this promise is dependent on identifying the ‘right’ automation opportunities. However, as hundreds of automation programs have discover, ‘right’ means achievable.  

Why it’s hard to find achievable automation opportunities 

In theory, process automation is easy.  

Ask anyone to describe the process they go through and you’ll identify mountains of automation opportunities.  

This is why things like suggestion boxes, process mapping workshops and operator interviews are effective ways of rapidly gathering ideas for where to focus.  

Getting the idea is the easier part. It’s after the idea that the hard work starts. You may need a detailed task level analysis of what an individual does, what data moves to where, what transformation that data goes through between the systems. You need to be aware of the notification emails that get sent, the off system approvals that are needed. You have to understand all of this and more before you can automate. 

Ideas inevitably don’t have this level of detail. If they did, there is a good chance the automation would have already happened. 

So in most cases, organizations are left in this difficult limbo. Needing to take a top-down approach to identifying and prioritizing automation opportunities that will deliver the cost savings needed, but having to progress based on incomplete information. 

Finding achievable automation opportunities 

At BusinessOptix we’ve been tackling this problem head on.  

How can we enable our customers to decide which automation opportunities to pursue with a grounded understanding of their achievability?  

Until recently, the only answer was a variation of ‘do lots of work’ first. Conduct a broad process discovery exercise with interviews and workshops. Find and knit together the information needed to conduct process mining, and then validate it with the teams to make sure there aren’t off system activities missing. Setup task mining and wait the weeks to see the outcomes. 

Effective yes? Costly and time consuming. Also yes. 

That’s changed. 

Building on our procedure mining capability, we have trained custom AI models to identify automation opportunities from your procedures. 

 Here’s how it works: 

  1. Upload your written procedure documents 
  2. Our custom trained automation AI identifies and classifies the automation opportunities 
  3. You get a set of defined opportunities based on a granular understanding of how things work today 
  4. That can be combined with our ROI calculator to assess their cost saving potential 

In the space of a few hours, our customers can go from unstructured documents to a set of automation opportunities prioritized on both impact and achievability.  

No complex setup. No need for workshops or interviews. Just high quality insight extracted from the information that already exists in your business. 

Focus on opportunities that deliver 

Cost saving is the forever challenge for organizations, and automation remains an opportunity with significant upside. 

But the experience for most is a disconnect between the dream and the reality. 

Our procedure mining for automation closes that gap. It enables our customers to find and deliver automation significantly faster. And in doing so, save costs well ahead of the competition. 

Contact us or request a demo to find automation opportunities in your SOPs.