ESG Driven Transformations

BusinessOptix can help you systemize the design of programs that balance business transformation and sustainability. 

ESG transformations using BusinessOptix

Organizations are increasingly focusing on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) metrics. Driving this is a combination of regulatory, investor, and consumer pressures. Whatever your organization’s reason for capturing ESG metrics, the BusinessOptix platform makes this easy by enabling you to associate ESG metrics with processes just as it does with time, FTEs, system utilization, and costs. Once you’ve established your current position, you can use our mapping and analysis tools to, for example, identify potential emission reductions, run simulations to quantify the GHG impacts of proposed changes, and prioritize those which produce the best results. In turn, this enables you to:

  • Exploit your extensible data model to define the most interesting ESG metrics– emissions, power consumption, resource types, controls, etc.
  • Use our modeling, mining, and rapid capture capabilities to build the representation of your current operation by logging the dataESG MD 2 associated with each process/process step for the chosen ESG metrics related to each process.
  • Apply one or more refinements to your process and sub-processes (these could be changes to process steps, automation of process steps, different volume profiles through different process routes, etc.) relevant to the ESG area you’re looking to improve. An example might be changing the supply chain process to reduce stock movements, so you reduce emissions).
  • Run the scenario engine to see the impacts iterating through different
    change combinations
    ESG Output 1 and visualize the ESG business case using dashboarding.
  • Compare the performance of different groups of changes and select the preferred set of initiatives, producing the associated view of the end state at a touch of a button.
  • Alternatively, you may want to validate a traditional business transformation to understand the impact on ESG performance to ensure it does no harm to your ESG programs or adds ESG risk to the business.
  • Combine with the other out-of-the-box BusinessOptix capabilities –ESG Output 2 collaboration tools, dashboarding, and document production – 
    enabling you to share results and collaborative cross-functional decision-making.


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To find out additional information on how BusinessOptix can help drive ESG transformation projects. Read our Fact Sheet.

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