Process Mining

Harness the lifeblood of your business using process mining to gain a detailed understanding of where your people, processes and technology are being utilized. Take the first step on your transformation journey with BusinessOptix to create an effective, agile organization.

Using process mining as part of process discovery provides a data-driven, fact-based approach to continuous process improvement, leveraging empirical evidence to uncover how processes work in the real world.

Mine your current states to gain a detailed understanding of current utilization.

Continuous Process Improvement

Our process mining tool utilizes systems’ event logs (which can be imported in either XES or CSV formats) to show you what was done, by whom and to which business object. Detailed analytics provides additional insight into workflow events, such as when the event took place and how long it took to execute.

Process improvement doesn’t stop at defining the current state. Once you have implemented your improvements, you can use our best-practice platform to continuously re-mine processes to see if the outcomes you set out to achieve are being realized and identify new areas for improvement.

From corporate functions to operations and customer journey design, process mining can help you quickly identify and understand your business processes; creating a solid foundation for process improvement.

Process Minin Software

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